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IFE Resources
The APEX IFE Resource Library is a collection of inflight entertainment related articles that, for the most part, are non-technical in nature. They are, however, not lacking in detail in specific areas. The APEX Library can be a valuable source of information and education to both new entrants and seasoned IFE veterans. A world of "easy-to-understand" IFE education is just a click away and the pdf format articles can be read online or downloaded for future reference. Except as noted, all material is © copyrighted to APEX - Airline Passenger Experience Association



"A Different Aspect ... Ratio"- Movie and TV screens have evolved from simple formats to much more complicated ratios that dramatically effect the IFE industry. A team of Hollywood duplicators explains the basics of aspect ratios.

""Digital Music": What It Is ... and What It Isn't"- Beginning with the earliest examples of synthesizers and tracing their evolution to contemporary digital composition and recording, expert Brian Newbury describes new options for IFE audio and includes an interview with composer Bert Elliott.

"Please Extinguish All Smoking Materials ..."-The former head of UK-based Skyline explains the importance of using clear and easily understood verbiage in inflight communications and makes his points with humorous examples of misguided attempts.

"Please Listen Carefully to the Following Important Message Concerning Your Safety Videos" - Safety/Welcome Aboard videos are ubiquitous and take many forms on airlines around the world. Descriptions of many of them, basic variances, and a few production tips are the subject of this comprehensive article.

"Production Guidelines for IFE Video" - Part I
"Production Guidelines for IFE Video" - Part II - Two professionals from an audio/visual production company share their comprehensive experience and know-how on the basic rules and strategies of producing top-quality inflight programs. The two-part article contains valuable A/V production information for the beginner or intermediate.



"Behind the Scenes on AVOD" - With an appropriate sub-head title of "What Do You Mean You Have to Change Something?", this article is a must read for those in booking , distributing, and/or servicing IFE content. It describe the complexities and timelines that are an inherent part of AVOD.

"Crazy Credits" - When those credits roll at the end of a movie, they can be lengthy and confusing ("gaffer", "best boy") ...and over the years they've become increasingly lengthy and even more confusing. Phyllis Bagdadi of Universal has authored an educational and interesting article that explains many of the mysteries of those crazy credits.

"IFE Film Editing - Cut It Out!"- This in-depth and well-exampled article describes the guidelines, procedures, and difficulties of editing inflight movies for the airlines.

"Independent's Day"- Jeff Klein of Jaguar Distribution traces the beginnings of the independent film distribution industry and market and its growth.



"RFP - Request for Pain ... or Pleasure" - When an airline issues an RFP, it frequently has no conception of the resulting chaos and confusion. IFE veteran Steve Harvey provides valuable insights to the process in this well-written article.

"RFP Primer - Part I"- Written from an airline viewpoint, Sarah Blomfield of Cathay Pacific authored this highly instructional and educational primer on the process of preparing an effective Request For Proposal.

"RFP Primer - Part II"- Written from the vendor's perspective, this follow-up article by Ann Willis of Spafax provides a valuable Ten-Point for preparing an RFP.



"Do you have the rights?"- Previously head of AEI Inflight, Marcy Beaubelle uses her hard-earned knowledge of music licensing to educate the reader.

"The Odyssey of Licensing Inflight Entertainment" - Former ASCAP VP Licensing Barry Knittel is the well informed author of this article written by an industry acknowledged expert. Knittel traces the evolution of music licensing and explains the worldwide divergences of rates.

"A Tutorial on Music Royalties In IFE" - With a strong working knowledge and great expertise, author Michael Childers leads readers through the confusing maze of music licensing, royalties, and acronyms.



"A History of Inflight Entertainment"- This article by the WAEA and APEX AVION magazine editor John Norman White first appeared in early issues of the magazine and has been frequently updated and expanded by IFE historian White. It serves as the IFE industry's most comprehensive chronicle of IFE's products, people, and events.

"AEA/WAEA Conference & Exhibition Memories"- Reflecting on their earliest times and memories of the Association, four well-known members describe bygone happenings.

"Technology Trends in IFE - Part I"
"Technology Trends in IFE - Part II"- A two-part investigation that describes how IFE has evolved, identifies key enablers, and explores past and future IFE trends. Written by an expert, senior IFE engineer, it takes a brief look at the history of entertainment and IFE and how technology has transformed the way people experience and use entertainment.

"WAEA... The Early Years"- AVION's editor describes how the WAEA began, recalls personalities along the way, and describes the struggle to build a thriving, professional trade association during the first five years.



"Industrial Design for Aviation and IFE"- Industrial design for aviation and IFE is a specialized field involving science, skill, and art. This article explores the field in general and the niche areas related to commercial aviation.

"Inflight Entertainment and Aviation Security" - Many things have changed in the commercial aviation industry since "9/11" ... in both obvious and not-so-obvious ways. There are specialists who spend every working day on inflight security. One contributing author is particularly knowledgeable in this area and shares information.

"A Theory About IFE" - Stretching over half a century, IFE's vapor trails are littered with hundreds of company names that are no more. Attracted by a misguided illusion of aviation glamour and wealth, their business cases failed. This article, written by an IFE senior, explores a basic theory behind some of those companies and their failed innovations and suggests how a better going forward theory can be applied.



"Antennas ... A Primer"- Uplinks, downlinks, e-mails, live TV ... they all depend on aircraft antennas. This article describes the basic types of aircraft antennas and their important characteristics.

"Audio Compression" - This well-illustrated article explains a technical and complicated topic in easy-to-understand terms and will serve as a basic primer on the topic for years to come.

"Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About IFE Headphones - But Were Afraid To Ask"- Different types of headphones and their technology are explained and diagrammed in this definitive article. A headphone user, specifier, and/or purchaser will discover this information interesting and valuable.

"Fiber Optics for IFE - Part I"
"Fiber Optics for IFE - Part II" - A two-part article with Part I explaining the basics and Part II providing detailed information on the nuts and bolts of installing Fiber Optics on an aircraft: connectors, special cleaning/inspecting, splicing, and mechanical issues.1 (The Basics)"- Fiber Optics represent a leading edge of aviation technology and have special application to IFE.

"MUX ... What it is!" - How can two wires transmit multiple channels of entertainment? Multiplex ("MUX") is at the very heart of an aircraft's IFE system. This article explains the history and basics of MUX and serves as a primer on multiplex technology. Any individual dealing with inflight entertainment hardware should have a rudimentary knowledge of this important but often overlooked facet of IFE.

"Now you hear it ... Now you don't"- Loud rumblings and background sounds? Just flip the switch and they're gone. Noise cancellation technology makes it happen. "NC". it's origins, technology, and possible future uses are explained in this comprehensive but easy-to-understand article by AVION Editor John Norman White

"Welcome to MPEG 101" - Do you suffer from "compression confusion?" Don’t know all you think you should know about MPEG 1, 2, and 4? This comprehensive and easy-to-read article is designed to make a beginner conversant and comfortable on the subject. It's a "must-read" for any newcomers to the business.

"Wireless" A Primer" - The basics of wireless technology and its applications to IFE are presented by informed author and technology wizard Bryan Rusenko.

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