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Board Nomination
Application form to be considered for the 2018-2019 APEX Board of Directors Slate


Nominations due by 1 June 2018 at 11:59 p.m.

To apply or nominate an APEX member for consideration to run for the Board of Directors, please complete this application and submit all necessary documents within this form (attachments can also be emailed to Katie Goshgarian, Executive Director at kgoshgarian@apex.aero).  Note, your application will be reviewed and considered by the APEX Nominations Committee.  A member of the Nominations Committee will be in contact with each nominee to discuss qualifications.  Based on the application and those discussions, the Committee will finalize a slate of candidates, subject to Board approval, to be included on the election ballot distributed in the summer/fall/autumn of 2018.



I confirm that the above information is accurate and understand that it will be publicized for election purposes. Also, I have read and understand the requirements listed below.

Further, all nominees must provide the following documents to the Nominations Committee:
•Endorsement from two APEX member companies.
•A letter from your manager confirming the commitment of the company for the candidate to fulfil his/her obligations as a board member. Importantly, this will include your company’s pre-approval for provision of flights to attend APEX board meetings. Hotel accommodation at most board meetings is provided by APEX, and at least two of the board meetings are held adjacent to industry events that you may already be planning to attend.
Note, in considering potential service on the APEX Board of Directors, please carefully evaluate your time and willingness to fulfil the following minimum requirements:

•Serve a one- or two -year term that will commence at the 2018 APEX EXPO in Boston.

•Prior to the 2018 EXPO, attend the New Board Orientation session via conference call.

•Attend the Board of Directors meeting following the 2018 EXPO tentatively scheduled for the afternoon of Thursday 27 September 2018. Expect to attend a minimum of three to four additional Board of Directors meetings annually.

•Travel - There are three to four in-person APEX Board Meetings during the year (outside of the EXPO), typically held in the Los Angeles, California USA area tentatively scheduled for February/March 2018, April 2018 (in conjunction with the MultiMedia Market) and September 2018 (in conjunction with the EXPO). There may be one or two international meetings collocated with the MultiMedia Market or Regional Conferences in 2017-18 as determined by the Board. Flights are the responsibility of the Board member; however, except during EXPO, 2 nights’ hotel accommodation and meals will be provided by APEX. Given extenuating circumstances, the Executive Committee may consider and approve travel expenses for Board members beyond those prescribed in the policy. We expect Board Members to attend all meetings in person, but if it is not possible to attend a meeting on occasion, a video or teleconference line will be provided.

•Prepare for each Board meeting by carefully studying the agenda and supporting materials.

•Support all Board decisions publicly even if you may have not voted in favor of the decision taken.

•Fulfill any assignments. Ensure availability for conference calls, complete assigned tasks within the timelines agreed upon and respond to all Board, staff, member and media requests in a timely manner. Complete all Board reports and duties.

•Plan to make 10 or more hours available for APEX activities monthly.

•Attend the EXPO and serve as a goodwill ambassador for APEX at the EXPO and throughout the year.

Applicants are encouraged to discuss their intention to join the APEX Board of Directors with the Chair of the Nominations Committee to ensure that both are clear about roles and interests should the applicant be elected.

Chair of the Nominations Committee: Brian Richardson, brian.d.richardson@aa.com

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